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Engage in a two-phase church consulting process. Help churches perform various tasks, from creating a strategic plan to deciding the church’s staffing structure, etc.


Partner with public and private entities to create strategies that drive measurable impact informed by the unique needs of each institution.

Bible classes

Offer consulting services that focus on holding you accountable to your mission, moving to full enrollment, strategic wisdom that brings hope today and sustainability tomorrow, and the fusion of faith and data to drive measurable results.


Provide a unique systematic approach to leadership and management that leaves you with newfound hope, tangible next steps, a stronger team, and a more effective Board.


Focus on both high-level elements (like mission and vision) and systems and strategies (like staffing plans and volunteer culture).


Ensure that the foundations of institutional health align with a clear plan and process for strategic innovation and implementation.

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Our expertise lies in strategic planning, organizational management, grant-writing and grant management, and fiscal management services. We also specialize in authorship, production, advertising, sales, lectures, speeches/sermons, and event/fundraising activities.